This short collection reflects a time in my life when I was frustrated in my spiritual practice. Maybe I should say, I was really pleased with my practice, and frustrated with my outer world. By now, I know its the same. Yet these potent words still resonate with me.

I am surely not the first seeker to struggle with re-assimilating to the physical realm after a taste of boundlessness in deep meditation. But only the foolhardy indulge any sense of superiority from attainment in their practice. I was quickly humbled upon returning to routine life, suddenly conscious of all the unhappiness around me. Too many of us graced with blessings remain distracted by negative, petty thoughts. Too much of our pain is self-imposed. I felt explosive inside. Wake up people! I suddenly felt alienated by the revelations cultivated in my practice. I felt like I was screaming about the beauty of the world in a sound proof box. I became bitter. I sulked, and scribbled.
And I cussed a bit. Sorry for that.

As I reread these poems, I see a younger man with all his fire, scorching the earth he means to warm with love. But with focus, reflection, and dedication to peaceful living, I know that he becomes a better man.

This project is dedicated to all seekers. 
May every pain be worth our eternal greatness. 

































































Never give up on your path.
Make adjustments and keep the faith.
It only gets better.
I love you.


Originally Written in  2016