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An excuse to share my favorite tunes and auditory curiosities with you. No algorithms. Just me.


If you have been following along, by now you know that I am a synesthete, someone who has their senses biologically crossed, and I see colors when exposed to strong vibrations and sounds. When I was a club DJ, this was a super power and I began designing a show centered around my multi-sensory reality. This concept  later manifested as a yin yoga class with my friend Candy Ruitenberg, creating a multi-sensory environment to help bring the mind into a relaxed alpha wave state through the use of color and sound, pairing meditative tracks (anywhere from 5 – 20 minutes in length) with colored lighting (i.e.” yellow songs” with yellow lights).  Each list is about 1 hr 15 min, with an extra long savasana built for a 90 minutes practice (I would usually perform a sound healing during savasana, and you can complete your practice with a sound healing here). *SPEAKERS RECOMMENDED* Lots of heavy, warm bass up in here.