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Notes for Moonbeams: One night this summer, I took a mic down to the beach at LBI on a quiet starry night and this is the wonderful result. This album is titled “Moonbeams” because the pull of the moon can be felt by the ocean even if she isn’t very visible – the beams keep pulling, life keeps moving – the flow is unyielding. Any ocean-goer learns how to play in the surf and move with the waves rather than fight against the tide. We must take life as it is and flow with it in this way as well.

This project is intentionally unedited to give listeners the feel of being there on that beautiful night. This recording is raw, with a slight EQ boost to reduce the wind noise, but no additional effects. It’s also a kind of letting go of perfection for me to go out in the field, leave the studio behind and record the natural unveiling. It was very liberating for me as an artist. I hope this comes through. Casey and I were in virtually total darkness, only the stars shining and a sliver of moon overhead. When we saw the beach comber lights in the distance, we packed up in a hurry. I recorded three songs, presented in the order they were recorded. All 3 takes are with my Hapi handpan in F major, which is a distinctly upbeat and happy scale.

“The Stars” is similar to my other sound healing songs, a 10+ minute journey song. There is intentional space throughout the tracks to enjoy the waves and feel the openness of the shoreline and the nothingness between us and the stars. “The Wind” was inspired by the breeze whipping up and you can feel the energy pick up in the rhythm. But just as quickly as it comes – it fades – and this track is only 3 minutes as the energy softened, the air got heavier and still. “The Waves” is a new experimental type of sound healing experience I have been working on in my classes the past few months. It is an opening melody – slow and soft, fading to silence (in this case, the waves) until a grounding melody at the end to slowly bring to listener/meditator back to the body, for a 15 minute experience. The total time for the album is just shy of 30 minutes and it can be listened to straight through for relaxation, meditation, and more.

May you too be inspired by the vastness of the ocean and the interconnectedness of it all. Om shanti. Happy Listening!

Originally Released: August 2018.

Notes for Meditation EP: These songs are a collection of experimental tracks that I first began writing for my final project of advanced yoga teacher training. I was working on a concept that ultimately became the Smudging, Drumming, Earthing Ritual. At the time, I was unfamiliar with a lot of meditation music and most of what I was listening to was very New Age, and not traditional sound healing. I wrote this album to demonstrate the ideas I had been studying about brain science (you can read more about that here) and this was a demonstration of those principles in music. I was very happy when Insight Timer was interested in utilizing the music for their community, and as time has gone on, over 100,000 meditators have used my sound healing music for their practice. The average rating is 93/100, and I can say with confidence that this was the beginning of a sound healing system that works! The tracks are intentionally short in an effort to illustrate different styles of music and encourage the listener to pursue their favorite tastes. Enjoy!

Originally released: April 2016.